What We Do


Develop Corporate Privacy Program

From learning incident cases and global program standard, tailored to corporate structure.


Privacy Risk Research and Development

Collaborative Research and Development with other privacy entities, and explore the solution together.


Awareness Report and Publication

Promote the public privacy awareness and fundamental literacy through educational media and outlet.

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Our Team

Kohei Kurihara

Kohei is a Co-founder of Privacy by Design Lab, that is leading data privacy culture and society community, as a not for profit organization originally establish privacy oriented corporate structure program. He used to work at blockchain field, and has also educational and political background, working as voluntary staff at non-profit organization in Japan. Kohei has experienced to speak at many international conferences, UNESCO and more.

Momoko Imamura 

組織システムファシリテーター、キャリアコーチ。東京大学でアジア都市環境研究を行い、工学修士を修了。社会システム実装のための企業組織モデルを探索し、組織変容の実践者のためのツールを開発。Climate Reality Leadership、システムシンキング、NVCをかけあわせた新しい文化の起点となるコミュニティInner Sustainabilit Lab代表。編集デザインファームinquireでコーポレートプロジェクトに携わる傍ら、組織変容・事業構想のためのワークショップデザインを手がける。

Masaki Minamide 

Masaki is a Co-Founder of Privacy by Design Lab. His expertise spans across Blockchain, Privacy, Security and more. 

With his background of studying Computer Science at Humboldt University of Berlin and Waseda University, he also works at IBM as an Enterprise Architecture Consultant to deliver next generation enterprise DX solution.

Chihiro Fujisaki 


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Privacy Statement

Privacy by Design Lab is leading data privacy culture and society community. As a not for profit organization originally establish privacy oriented corporate structure program. Privacy is important and essential to us. Privacy Statement is our commitment, protect our stakeholders, describes how we collect, use, and share your personal data, and purposes.